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NoteAbilityPro (version 2.610) for Mac OS-X is now shipping. This version of NoteAbilityPro runs natively on both PPC and Intel processors and is compatible with OS-X versions 10.4.11 through to 10.10 (Yosemite.) Users who are still running earlier operating systems can download older versions of NoteAbilityPro, but are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a newer version of OS-X soon.

NoteAbilityPro has been expanded to support up to 80 staves per system.

NoteAbilityPro now supports custom noteheads. Up to 48 graphic images can be added to the score and used as custom noteheads.

NoteAbilityPro can now support up to 6 Audio Unit players such as software samplers or synthesizers modules.

NoteAbilityPro scores can now be saved directly as audio files.

NoteAbilityPro can now import NoteWriter and MusicXML files.

An auto-save feature has been added to NoteAbilityPro-2 so that your scores are saved periodically while you are working.

NoteAbilityPro-2 supports 6 DLS (Downloadable Sounds) Players and Audio Units so that you can get more realistic performances of your scores and have access to audio effects (such as reverberation and digital delay). As well, you can now drag-and-drop audio files or samples directly into the score.


NoteAbilityPro (2.610) for Mac OS-X

March 2015

NoteWriter (2.90) for Macintosh

September 1998

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Opus 1 Music Incorporated is a premier music software solutions company providing music notation programs for Macintosh computers. The company was founded in 1996 by Dr. Keith Hamel, who is a professor of music composition at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and a specialist in Computer Applications to Music. Dr. Hamel is also the primary researcher and software developer at Opus 1 Music.

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