Image Info Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Image Info Panel... from the Tools menu.

The Image Info panel displays information about selected images. At the present time, this information is for display purposes only; you cannot edit or alter the music data. The example below shows a quarter note and the image information that will be displayed if the image is selected and the Next Image button clicked.

While notes have values in all fields, some images only display values in the left column. The meaning of most of the fields is self-explanatory. The Steps From Staff refer to the number of diatonic steps from the bottom line of the staff. The X and Y Positions are the coordinates in the window (with the origin (0,0) being the bottom-left corner) and the X Position Offset is the distance that a note has been shifted away from its spine position. To see information on the next selected image, click the Next Image button.

The purpose of the Info tab is to assist in examining images that seem to be incorrectly placed or are creating formatting problems of some kind. For example, the X Position Offset will tell you how much an note has been shifted off its spine position, and the Voice Number field will tell you which voice an image belongs to.

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