1 Introduction

This document contains the specification of Advanced GUIDO Music Notation. It builds on the "The GUIDO Music Notation Format; Specification Part 1: Basic GUIDO", which contains an introduction to GUIDO Music Notation, its basic syntax, and a set of tags covering the most common musical concepts.

Advanced GUIDO Notation covers some of the more advanced concepts not covered in Basic GUIDO Notation such as glissando, arpeggio, clusters, microtonal alterations, different types of noteheads, different types of staves, more barline types and dynamic markings, advanced concepts for handling lyrics and text, and some features from contemporary notation. It also addresses issues of exact score formatting and layout, such as precise spacing and positioning of notation and graphical elements. Advanced GUIDO Notation is mainly realised by slightly extending the Basic GUIDO syntax, introducing new tags, and extending the usage of Basic GUIDO tags.

The GUIDO Notation Format has been developed by Holger H. Hoos, Darmstadt University of Technology in Darmstadt, Germany and Keith Hamel, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada; the Advanced GUIDO Specification is additionally co-authored by Kai Renz and Jürgen Kilian, Darmstadt University of Technology. The Advanced GUIDO Notation Format is publicly and freely available; it can and should be freely used for arbitrary scientific, educational or commercial purposes. However, the Avanced GUIDO Notation Format specification remains the intellectual property of the authors of this document. It is our wish that every publicly available software supporting GUIDO and every extension of GUIDO as specified in this document should be brought to our attention.