Using the Effect Modules

The UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox implements a number of effects modules; as with the player modules, a complete, annotated list is included with the toolbox. To demonstrate the use of an effect module, we'll add reverberation to our sounds.


FMBP sfPlayerBP reverbBP

The FMBP and sfPlayerBP modules' outputs are now processed with reverberation.


This tutorial has covered the use of the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox's player and effects modules; it should be understood that consistent implementation is an aspect of these modules, and as such the use of other players and effects is very similar. Read the documentation accompanying each module for its specific receives and other useful information.

In a parallel thread we have introduced the concept and use of the Note Data List, and shown how it can be either broadcast to modules or sent to them via direct connection.

Download this tutorial's finished patcher here.


This tutorial was written by Gregory Lee Newsome in consultation with Keith Hamel.