Bob Pritchard (B.Mus, Mus.M, DMA) is a Canadian composer living in British Columbia. His works are performed and broadcast internationally and his research includes interactive performance, gesture tracking, and gesture-controlled speech synthesis. He creates video, software and music for his interactive works and produces short art films. He teaches music technology in the UBC School of Music, co-directs the Laptop Orchestra, and is a researcher with the UBC Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

Dr. Pritchard completed degrees at the U. of Toronto and UBC. Prior to teaching at the UBC School of Music he taught at Brock University, the UBC Dept. of Physics, and Douglas College.

Latest News:
March 5: CBC Vancouver On TheCoast: interview of Prof. Molly Babel about the DRAWL project.
March 5: MyPrinceGeorgeNow:Northern BC Dialect Being Examined by Speech Experts, by Kyle Balzer.
March 5: Vancouver Province online: Vang-couver? Regional B.C. accents examined., by Gord McIntyre.
March 4: Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province story: When you live in Vang-couver but hail from O-soo-yuss: On a hunt for regional accents, by Gord McIntyre.
Feb 28: Kelowna iHeart Radio 1150: Is there a ‘G’ in Vancouver? broadcast and e-edition.
Feb 27: Global News interview re the DRAWL project.
Feb 26: CBC's As It Happens interview (19:12) about the DRAWL project.
Feb 23: Castenet: Kelowna e-edition: An Okanagan Drawl? by Kevin Rothwell.
Feb 22: Radio 103.9 Kelowna, The Morning Show with Gord Vizzutti.
Feb. 20: Interview with Roy Seymour, Kelowna Courier, regarding the DRAWL project.
Jan. 27: Determining Regional Accents With Literature website has launched. DRAWL
Demo of wireless prototype of RUBS system in WinterBang! Festival (click here)
Upcoming Performances:
May 17-20: RUBS performance at the Canadian New Music Network FORUM 2018: Raula with Kiran Bhumber, RUBS, clarinet, software; JP Carter, trumpet, processors; B. Pritchard, technical.
May 16: Teleconcert between Melbourne, Singapore, and Vancouver, with vintage analog synths!
May 10: Performance of Strength 2 by Lena Cuglietta, at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong.

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