• Converse (2015) .mp3 || .wav
    For flute, cello, piano, audio sound clips, and Max/MSP processing.
    Performed by Nu:BC ensemble, directed by Paolo Bortolussi

    想家 (Homesick) (2015) .mp3 || .wav
    For erhu and piano
    Synthetic version: CD release coming soon

    Three Songs of Life (2000) for SSAA women's choir
    In memory of Carol Camenzind
    I. Presence (Cancer) .mp3 || .wav
    II. Absence (Confusion) .mp3 || .wav
    III. Resurrections mp3 || .wav
    Texts by Bob Pritchard, and 1 Corinthians 15:55
    Performed by the Vancouver New Music Women's Choir, conducted by Owen Underhill 2002

    Three Songs (1989) for SATB choir
    I. Snow .mp3 || .wav
    II. Night .mp3 || .wav
    III. A Kind of Feast .mp3 || .wav
    Texts from Anne Hebert's Selected Poems, translated by A. Poulin, Jr.
    Performed by the UBC University Singers, conducted by James Fankhauser 1989

    Twisted Mirror, Shattered Dream (1993) .mp3 || .wav

    Escape My Soul (1996)
    For bass flute and Max/MSP/Jitter.
    I. Viscera .mp3 || .wav
    II. Throat .mp3 || .wav
    III. Catch, Breath .mp3 || .wav
    Performed by Kathryn Cernauskas, Vancouver New Music Concerts 1996

    Time Clips, Primitive (1993) .mp3 || .wav
    Performed by Jane Coop (1993)

    Washed in the Blood (2011) .mp3 || .wav
    For violin, French horn, percussion, audio/video sound clips, and Max/MSP/Jitter.
    Performed by Toronto New Music Concerts, conducted by Robert Aitken

    ...flow mingled down (2002) .mp3 || .wav
    In memory of Nikolai Korndorf
    For grand piano/mistuned upright piano and percussion.
    Performed by Barbara Pritchard and Beverly Johnston 2002

    When the walls are all screaming (1993) .mp3 || .wav
    For soprano, piano, and sound clips.
    Performed by Barbara Hannigan and Barbara Pritchard (1993)

    Desert Streams (1993) .mp3 || .wav
    For symphony orchestra.
    Performed by the Okanagan Symphony, conducted by Leonard Camplin (1993)

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