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  • What Does a Body Know? (2009)

    for Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DiVA) and sound clips
    Music by Bob Pritchard
    Libretto by Meryn Cadell
    Software by Sid Fels & Bob Pritchard
    What Does A Body Know? is the first complete work written for Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DiVA) and sound files. This performance environment allows the user to create synthetic speech using cybergloves and position trackers to control a formant speech synthesizer.

    What Does A Body Know? was premiered by Marguerite Witvoet in Kyoto, Japan in January 2009 with the full premiere occuring in Kitchener-Waterloo at the 2009 Open Ears Festival.

    For this video:
    Direction: James Tait
    Lighting: Itai Erdal
    Costuming/Set Design: Helene Day-Fraser
    Videography: Zoe Macdougal
    Audio assistance: Nicolas D'Alessandro
    Technical assistance - software: Cam Hassall
    Key Grip, Technical assistance - hardware: Johnty Wang

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