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  • Rebirth (2012)

    for alto flute,audio/video clips and Max/MSP/Jitter
    Commissioned by/commandée par Chenoa Anderson 
    with the assistance of the New Brunswick Arts Board/
    avec l'aide du Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick

    Rebirth, for alto flute, audio/video clips, and Max/MSP/Jitter from Art Music Promotion on Vimeo.

    Video only, with Chenoa Anderson, Alto Flute

    Rebirth Rebirth is a solo work joining the alto flute and performer in an interactive/responsive audio visual environment. Within this environment the flautist and the computer respond to materials presented and controlled by each other while performing predetermined sonic and visual materials as laid out in the score and Max/MSP/Jitter software.
    The software “listens” to the voice and alto flute and makes certain decisions about diffusing multichannel sound and processing and presenting the prerecorded audio tracks. The performer controls the pacing of the piece through the performance of the scored material, but also controls processing and some of the diffusion of audio and visual materials through gestures using a wrist-mounted accelerometer. The data generated by the accelerometer is wirelessly transmitted to the computer where it triggers and controls the processing and diffusion of sound and visual materials through the software written expressly for this work.
    The result is that the flautist controls not just the acoustic voice and flute materials, but also the pacing and cuing of electroacoustic sound and the processing of digital images. Thus, each performance consists of a blend of sound, visuals, and movement, and each performance is slightly different from previous presentations due to the changes in audio and video processing and to the performance decisions made by the performer and by the software.
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