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    My particular interests combine music composition and technology with a focus on creating tools that can be used to expand the expressive resources available to composers for concert works and sound installations. For detailed descriptions and software downloads visit the MUsic Sound & Electroacoustic Technologies (MuSET) link on the right.

    UBC Affiliations

    School of Music.
    Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS)
    Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC)
    Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS)
    MUsic Sound & Electrocoustic Technology group (MuSET)

    Sarah Wasik testing RUBS

    Responsive User Body Suit (RUBS)

    Dance example

    I have a strong interest in creating and using new interfaces for performance, especially those that capture gesture in some manner and provide performers and audiences new emotional and musical experiences. The interfaces make use of visual tracking, accelerometers, pitch or volume detection, and other sensors, with Max/MSP or Processing being used for software creation. The RUBS interface uses conductive and resistive fabrics, with the performer using conductive materials on the fingers to complete the circuits. This example only uses sample triggering: sample scrubbing is also possible.
    Cycling74 interview with Bob Pritchard and Kiran Bhumber

    Responsive User Body Suit (RUBS)

    Voice example

    This work -- Touch, by Kiran Bhumber -- makes use of the Responsive User Body Suit (RUBS) interface. Hardware/software by Pritchard and Bhumber. Text by Kitty Rodé. Marguerite Witvoet, voice.

    Writing for Chinese and Western Instruments

    In recent years I have begun working with combinations of Chinese and Western instruments. I am currently writing a work for a chamber ensemble of Chinese and Western instruments with baritone, setting seven poems that were written in Cantonese on the walls of the Victoria, B.C.Immigration Building. These are important works illustrating the emotions and conditions of Chinese immigrants prior to 1923. The building was torn down in 1977 but Prof. David Lai was able to document the 7 poems and remove 3 from the building, and he provided translations of the works. I am setting the texts in both Cantonese and English.

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