Postcards From Our Futures
Three Songs of Life
Love Me Rite
Beneath the Skin
What Does a Body Know?
Time and Place
Time Clips, Primitive
Breathe On Me
Where the Wild Things Were
In the Trees I and II
Grab 'Em

  • Time and Space (2009)

    Time and Space arose out of a series of explorations dealing with artography. Kathyn Ricketts, Lynn Fels and I worked on a variety of pieces, exploring the use of technology and sensors with improvisatory dance and sound. While working on one piece we did a photoshoot involving one of the characters or "Lugs" that Kathryn has developed in her own work over the years. Following the shoot, as I worked with and processed the images I came to realize that the individual and the suitcase created their own counterpoint of character, and I developed the video having the two play against each other, supporting and opposing the two.

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