Re-Wilding the Syrinx
In the Trees 1, In the Trees 2
Where the Wild Things Were
The Aurora on All Three Channels
Soundscape for "La Maison"
Waltzing Tent, Singing Box

  • Where the Wild Things Were (2013)

    Interactive site specific installation
    Audio/video installation
    Krista Dragomer video and sound 
    Bob Pritchard software, post production
    Where the Wild Things Were began as a site-specific installation for the opening of the new Southampton Center in Southampton, NY. Audio clips of calls from locally endangered birds and modified cell phone ring tones were diffused as eight channels of interactive/responsive sound through speakers in a tree on the grounds, controlled by Max/MSP software.
    Following the Southampton show Dragomer reworked the concept to create an audio/video installation, part of a series of works that investigate natural and digital signals in our environment.
    Where the Wild Things Were

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